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Hydraulic Power Unit ( HPU) supplies oil under pressure for operation of one or more actuators. Kanair offers several types of Hydraulic Power Units for actuator operation.  Contact us for your specific requirements.

Following is a list of different types of Hydraulic Power Units:

  • E/H Type (Electric-Hydraulic)-Single AC motor/pump. See Picture
    One Dedicated HPU operates one actuator.

  • E/H Type (Electric / hydraulic - Two Motor-pump units for redundancy. See Picture

  • E/H Type (Central Electric/Hydraulic) - Two AC motor- pump units for redundancy and operates multiple actuators.

  • E/H Type (Central Electric/Hydraulic - Two AC motor- pump units for redundancy and operates multiple actuators. Additional DC motor -pump unit as back up operated by automotive battery power supply. See Picture below:

  • Air /Hydraulic type: Plant Air Source or Specially Designed Air cylinder Power Rack for remote areas. See Picture

  • Hand Pump System. See Picture

  • Solar Power operated, operating DC motor pump.

  • Diesel or Gasoline Engine operated for remote areas.

  • High Pressure Water (turbine) operated units (offshore platform applications)

  • Steam Turbine operated pump ( typical in refinery applications)

Design and Selection of Hydraulic Power Unit involve several steps.  For a detailed discussion, please contact us.

Picture shows a CENTRAL POWER UNIT for use with 17 gate valves. Features....
  • 2 Motor-Pumps
  • Filtration System
  • 12 VDC back up pump
  • Hand Pump
  • Sealed Stainless Steel Reservoir. (Top of reservoir breaths into a sealed bladder)
  • 2000 psig system
  • Warning for Low Oil Pressure , Low Oil Level and High Temperature.
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