Product- Air Over Oil Systems



Because of the compressibility of air, speed control of large pneumatic actuator may become difficult. In instances where the valve torque variation is large, negative (overrunning torque) or the valve disc has high moment of inertia, pneumatic actuator may exhibit jerky motion. When the cost of a hydraulic power unit cannot be justified, and air is readily available, Air over Oil System is a solution to this problem.  Additionally, the presence of oil reduces possible leakage of air (or gas) from the system. Air over Oil System is widely used in Gas Pipe Line Actuators where the gas from the pipeline is used as the power source.  The system can also be designed to sense pipe line breakage and shut down the actuators on such emergencies.

In Air over Oil System, the air or gas is fed to two air over tanks where oil is stored. The actuators are hydraulic type.

Several design criteria should be met to obtain satisfactory performance for such a system. Consult us with your specific requirements.



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