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Since 1985, Kanair has supplied a wide variety of valve actuators. Typically, these actuators are designed to meet customers' specific requirements. In many cases we supplied these actuators as part of an integrated package. Here are some unique applications:

  • Fire Control System in a Refinery
  • Earthquake Sensing Shut Down for Pipeline
  • Pump Control in Wastewater plant
  • Damper Control for Power Plant Furnace
  • Turbine Control in Hydroelectric Plant
  • Level Control in Large Water Tank
  • Emergency Shut Down - Marine Loading
  • High Temp Cat-Cracker Valve Controls
  • Valve Control in Barges
  • Submerged Actuators with Remote Control

These actuators are classified into two groups:

  • Linear Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators
    • For use on gate, globe, slide, and sluice gate valves. Also they can be used on rising stem ball and plug valves.

      These actuators use hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with few moving parts. Options available are:

      1. Failure mode designs (spring to close, spring to open, and fail last)
      2. Manual Override (Hand wheel or Hydraulic hand pump)
      3. Limit Switches and Position Transmitter.
      4. Solenoid Valves, ESD Valves, Control Stations
      5. Positioner for Modulating Controls (4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V), Fieldbus Network ( Modbus, Devicenet, Profibus...)

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  • Rotary Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators
    • For use on ball, butterfly, and plug valves and dampers

      These actuators use hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with few moving parts. In some cases they are operated by air, hydraulic or electric motors for achieving specific functions. Options available are similar to those for the Linear Actuators. Examples

      1. Damper actuator mounted remote and connected through mechanical linkages. Normally used in large louvers and dampers.
      2. Cylinder type Crank Arm actuator for high cycle life and efficiency.  Normally used in butterfly valves with high hydrodynamic torque.
      3. Scotch Yoke type actuators. Normally used where valve torque is much higher at break than at midpoint.
      4. Counterweight type actuator where torque produced from a weight provides the fail safe operation.  Normally used when high level of reliability in fail safe operation is required.
      5. Motor Operated Actuators - use a motor to drive a manual gear for obtaining final linear or rotary output motion. Typical applications are choke valves and non-rising stem gate valves.


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