Product- Rotary Actuators

For use on actuators on ball, butterfly, and plug valves



We offer HR series Hydraulic Actuators and PR series Pneumatic Actuators.

HR Series Rotary hydraulic actuator uses basic piston type cylinder with few moving parts, thus assuring reliability and long life. A hydraulic actuator provides high torque in a small overall envelope dimensions compared to that from any other technology. Inherent lubrication from hydraulic oil the use of the hydraulic actuator even in the most hostile conditions such as hot and cold environments, corrosive conditions, submerged applications etc.  Double Acting Hydraulic Quarter Turn Actuator is available up to 2 million inch-lb. torque.

PR Series Pneumatic Rotary Actuator uses air cylinders and is available up to 1 million inch-lb. torque in double acting unit.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Spring-Return Actuators are available up to 50,000 in-lb. spring ending torque.



  • Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve

  • Damper and Louver

  • Wherever High Torque Limited Rotation Motion is required.

  • Used in door mechanisms, grain elevators, and motion controllers.

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Kanair offers different types of Rotary Actuators to suit specific applications. We also package off-the-shelf actuators along with Control Panels and Power Sources. Contact us with your specific requirements. Details below show a short spectrum of the product lines:

  • Hydraulic Rotary Actuators - HR series up to 2 million inch-pounds torque.

  • Pneumatic Rotary Actuator - PR series up to 1 million inch - pounds torque.

Picture Shows a Hydraulic Actuator, Model HR04x18-DA-MO mounted on 48" butterfly valve.  Features Include:

  • Directional Control Valves, Speed Control valve and Hydraulic Lock valves to retain actuator position on power loss.

  • Worm Gear Manual Override.

  • Electrical Control Box

  • Built-in Accumulator for High Pressure Reserve oil

  • Cylinder floats on trunnions for smooth and efficient operation.

Picture Shows a Hydraulic Damper Actuator. The actuator is mounted on the floor and the shaft rotation is transferred to the damper through linkages (not shown). Features of the actuator:

  • Continuous duty modulation from 4 to 20 mA position command.

  • Electronic Servo Control

  • Feedback Potentiometer

  • Built in manual by-pass valve for testing and manual override.

  • Hydraulic Lock Valves for Fail Last Requirements.

  • Oil feed to the actuator filtered with High Beta (High efficiency) filter.

  • Operates in heavily contaminated ambient (flu ash in power plant)

  • Ease of accessibility for maintenance.

  • Actuator shaft supported on bearings to take side load from cylinder.

Picture Shows a Hydraulic Counterweight Type Fail Close Actuator. The actuator is used in applications where reliability requirements of fail close operation is considered very high. Features include

Heavy Duty Cylinder extends to rotate a butterfly valve shaft  (not shown)  counterclockwise and lift the weight.  On loss of hydraulic pressure, the weight is lowered at controlled speed by retracting cylinder. The valve fail closes. 

No spring, air storage or accumulator is required for the fail safe operation. Counterweight actuators are available for up to 30,000 inch-lbs torque.

Picture Shows a PR Series Pneumatic Scotch  Yoke Type Actuator. The actuator is designed for virtually no leakage for use with pressurized nitrogen or gas bottles for use in remote areas.

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