Product - Linear Pneumatic Actuator

Fail safe operation from spring or air storage tank


"PL" Series Linear Pneumatic Actuators

Kanair PL Series Linear pneumatic actuator uses basic piston type cylinder with few moving parts. When air pressure is readily available, pneumatic actuators provide cost effective valve automation solutions.  With clean filtered dry air, a pneumatic actuator can provide reliable operation. Pneumatics is inherently explosion proof for use in electrically hazardous area. Using spring or air storage tank, fail safe operation can easily be implemented into the actuator system.




  • Heavy Duty Steel Cylinders with chrome plated rod (Stainless Steel rod option)

  • Tie Rod construction.

  • Thrust ranges up to 100,000 pounds.

  • Stroke up to 96 inches.

  • Cylinder Bore up to 34 inches (hydraulics preferred for bore sizes over 30")

  • Pressures up to 250 psig.

  • Overload protection by travel stops within the cylinder.

  • Special valving when required ( quick exhaust valves, speed control valves, etc.)

  • On-Off  (Open/Close) type or modulating ( 4 to 20 mA)

  • Solenoid Valves, limit switches, and control stations when required.

  • Manual Override (Hand wheel or Hand Pump)

  • Valve Adaptation to match the valves.

  • Retrofit adaptation to existing valves.


  • Wedge Gate valve, Knife Gate Valve, Sluice Gate Valve and Globe valves.

  • Rising Stem Ball and Plug Valves.

  • Wherever linear motion is required.

  • Used in door mechanisms, grain elevators, and motion controllers.

  • When used as part of a four-bar crank arm mechanism, the actuator can be used for ball and butterfly valves.


  • Few Moving parts

  • Easy to control speed of operation.

  • Can be mounted in any position

  • Inherently explosion proof

  • Economical for smaller valves

  • De-clutchable Manual Override.

  • Spring retained in safe enclosed cartridge

  • Tie Rod Construction Cylinder

  • Quick Exhaust Valve

  • Easily Adjustable Valve Stem Coupling

  • Low Heat Transfer Adaptation

Picture shows a PL Series Fail Close Pneumatic Actuator for use on a high temperature slide gate valve.

Actuator adaptation is designed to minimize the conduction and convection of heat from valve to the actuator cylinder.

Picture shows a PL series Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator mounted to a Gate Valve. Flow Control Valves and Limit Switches are seen in the picture.  The extended tie rods are for installing fireproofing enclosure.


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